Hi Bearville Citizen!

Build-A-Bear Workshop is creating a new magazine that will be a Stuff Fur Stuff exclusive. The magazine will have lots of Build-A-Bear Workshop news, games and puzzles, and sneak peeks!

We would like your honest opinion about some names for the magazine!

One of the suggested names is Honey Times, a sweet read
In your opinion, how cool would this name be for the magazine?
5-Absolutely cool!
4-Somewhat cool
3-Maybe a little
2-Not really
1-Not at all

How much do you agree with each of the following about this name?
5-Absolutely agree 4-Mostly agree 3-Maybe a little 2-Not really 1-Not at all
It is unique
It sounds modern
It is catchy
It sounds interesting
It is the right length
It fits with the Build-A-Bear Workshop style
It tells me what the magazine is about